slider2How Genes Play a Role in Your Weight What if Losing Weight Could be as easy as Flipping a Switch Genes influence our size and shape; studies show that if you change your emotions you can override hereditary effects.  Contrary to popular understanding genes are not dictators; they are committees and work together in teams. You can counteract your fat genes and boost your thin genes.  You are not a prisoner to your genetic heritage.  The genes that establish your size and shape are flexible.  We all have thin genes we all have fat genes it’s your emotions that determine how your body puts them to work effectively. The Missing Piece to Weight Loss Create Your Own Perfect Weight Management Blueprint Can you stay lean when fat runs in the family or are you doomed to your genetic heritage? Have the programs you tried made you feel like You can’t do it or that it is too hard? With our simple and proven emotional system this will be the last diet you ever go on! You have just discovered the best kept secret in weight loss.  The choices you make can change your genes!  Emotions attribute to 44% of weight gain.  Finally there is a technology that lets you get to the core of disturbance of what turns your fat genes on or off.  Along with this Emotional technology is a clinically proven diet that reduces cravings and eliminates fat so that you can re- design your body exactly how you want it. You deserve it!