Quantum Healing, Consciousness, Soul Energetics, Spirit Guided Yoga and Meditation

Monday night yoga 2015

An evening of an experience to a state of fully self-­‐aware expansive wonder where consciousness is suffused with the sudden rapture of great beauty, vibrating with awestruck joy.

The spirit within longs to be connected with joy, love and peace. When ever that happens for any of us we bring healing to the world.

As the New Year unfolds may we spend more and more time connected to our inner light.

Through guided meditation, pranayama breathing techniques, gentle yoga, chanting and cutting edge energetic healing tools and transformational experiential exercises in savasana, will help you access your own transformational wisdom, light and power.

You will learn tools

To ground your body, to help stabilize and strengthen your nervous system and psychic state.

Learn how to direct vibrational channels of light to become transducers and transmitters of these transformational frequencies.

Strengthening your intuition.

Empowerment skills to protect your bio-­‐field and all aspects of your self. I look forward to seeing you.


Movement is what creates life stillness is what creates love, to be still and still moving THIS IS EVERYTHING DoHyun Choe

The New Energy Medicine

Experience and learn new Innovative Energy balancing Techniques, working with mind-­‐body systems, yoga and meditation

Learn about the plasticity of consciousness

The bioenergetics of emotional overlays Tools, techniques to help the brain, body, soul, source essence and self fully align to your Divine essence of who you are The GIFT OF SELF-­‐HEALING AND EMOTIONAL FREEDOM

Enlightenment and fitness

Based on cutting edge philosophy, biochemistry and quantum physics

We have reached a point where the higher dimensional energies can be more easily integrated into everyday life, but if you are out of alignment the energies can quickly disconnect. These activations help us stay in alignment and reconnect to the energies of oneness. The state of oneness is where stress does not imprint your awareness, leaving you stress free with a sense of completeness and total fearlessness.

The work allows the body to carry / hold more light, it raises our consciousness allowing us to change anything in our life. This practice further strengthens your crystalline biology, the new structural Matrix and supports the higher frequencies and vibrations that bring deeper healing on all levels.

Our awareness rises so it elevates our perspective and allows us to live in our heart; others also experience this around you.

The water is infused with the information and furthers the assisting of the healing, so drink plenty of water; this work is a gift from creator.